Just spent the last hour or so doing an illustration of myself for my blog. It could be better but for now it will do. Comments always appreciated :3

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Me and my eating disorder…

my life… By Missbodyissues

As a sufferer of this cycle, I wonder what part of the cycle is missing that makes this an infinite struggle. 

healing-flower said: I do a lot of art :). Is there a way I can submit some on here?

Ofcourse you can. Just sorting out the links as I type ox

I thought I might as well get the ball rolling.

This image was my own art therapy to get over the death of a friend almost brother.

The image is of his girl friend penny. I couldn’t bring myself to draw an image of his face. I still to this day cannot look at a picture of his face. The memories are too painful. The point of the drawing was the capture frailty and the masks we wear round people and our selves so not to show are true thoughts and intentions.


This is a trial to see if people are ready, willing and able to convey emotions not easily put down into words.

I hope this will work, because I truly want to help people.